AcrossDB allows any query and reporting software to combine data from multiple database vendors.

AcrossDB executes cross-database joins very comfortable in no time:

  • sql queries between any database from different vendors like: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 and others
  • from any reporting or query tool, like MS Office®, Lotus Notes®, SQuirreL SQL and others
  • from any programming language like .NET, C#/C++ and others

Join Across Multiple Databases/Systems

Combine data from any database witin a single sql statement.

Make Business Decisions based on all your Corporate Data

AcrossDB allows any reporting tool to query your valuable data.

Administrate Multiple Databases

Query and synchronize multiple databases.

Database Independet Development

AcrossDB allows to build applications – with any porgramming language – that may use multiple different databases.