PARKWAY ConnectWare extends the usability and flexibility of your non-relational ISAM data. ConnectWare presents the ISAM data like a relational database and unseals it for the access of tools like .NET, Java, MS Office, Crystal Reports and any other ODBC capable application.

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PARKWAY COBOL-DBA is a transformation tool for the COBOL environment. COBOL-DBA maps classical file I/O  (like. OPEN, READ, WRITE and CLOSE) to any relationale data base using sql. The contents of the ISAM files will be transferred  into tables of a database. The source code of the COBOL application keeps unchanged.

COBOL applications developed with COBOL-DBA  will work with MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, MySQL  and others ODBC capable data bases.

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PARKWAY AcrossDB allows sql joins over multiple databases:

  • Oracle®, MySQL, Mircosoft SQL Server®, PostgreSQL®, IBM DB2® and others
  • MS Office®, Lotus Notes®, SQuirreL SQL and others
  • .NET, C#/C++ and others

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