Here you can download here all PARKWAY products.

The products will automatically be installed as an evaluation product only.
The evaluation period is 45 days after the installation.


Time limited and the result set of ConnectWare is limited to 200 entries.
All other functions can be used.

Time limited. All other functions can be used.

Full Product

With the purchase of an activation key the installed evaluation product can easily be activated to a full product.

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The products you can download here, can also be installed over an existing installations in order to update the installed product.

Product Downloads


ConnectWare includes an ODBC driver for several ISAMs like Micro Focus, mbp and Realia. It  integrates classical non-relational data storage (ISAM) into modern query tools, report generators, programming languages and web applications.

ConnectWare supports all kind of query and manipulation SQL statements (SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE and INSERT) across several linked tables.
The data base table will be accessed via the ConnectWare SQL Engine to modern programming environments, programming tools, reporting tools, query tools and office applications. Like: .NET Programmiersprachen, Java, MS Office, Open Office, Crystal Reports, WinSQL, DbVisualizer and others.

ConnectWare is available as stand alone product and as a server product.

COBOL-DBA for Micro Focus COBOL

COBOL-DBA is a transformation tool for the Micro Focus COBOL environment. Existing COBOL applications using  classical I-O logic (like OPEN, READ, WRITE and CLOSE) can be transformed to database access – without changes in the source code.

COBOL-DBA supports any datbase, like: MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, MS Access, MySQL and others.