Data Conversion

If you require your ISAM data only converted once we could offer our support for this task. Based on your files we would determine the ISAM format, record layout, field formats etc. If our products support your file types the following scenarios would apply:

1. The record layout is unknown
If you have only the ISAM files available (e.g. .ISM, .ISAM, .DAT files) but no information about the record layout and field data types we could use internal tools to determine the missing information. The result of our work would be either the record descriptions so that you can use it to import it into our ConnectWare product or we export the data in commonly used format like CSV or something similar.

2. The record layout is known
You send us your ISAM files (e.g. .ISAM, .ISM, .DAT files) with the corresponding layout information (e.g. .CPY, .COB files that contain COBOL record descriptions) and we export the data into a commonly used file format (e.g. CSV) that can be imported by any other office software. We charge a fixed price for this service and you do not have to purchase a PARKWAY product.

If you are interested please contact us by phone under +49 (0)89 6518034 or by using our contact sheet with the subject "data conversion".