PARKWAY COBOL-DBA is a transformation tool for the COBOL data management. With COBOL-DBA you can use existing COBOL applications with I-O logic like OPEN, READ, WRITE and CLOSE to access any relational data base – without changes in the original COBOL application. It can still be used I-O logic. The COBOL-DBA File Handler translates the ISAM file operations to SQL operations on tables in a relational data base.


All familiar mechanisms for concurrent file access are available like locks on single or multiple records, detecting locked records, ignoring locks and so on. These operations are fully implemented on transactional concepts of the relational database system so that even concurrent operation between COBOL and non-COBOL applications is completely supported.

The standard version of COBOL-DBA is built for Micro Focus COBOL but it can also be customized for other COBOL compilers.

Supported data bases e.g.:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Informix
  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • and other ODBC enabled data bases